The Causes For Two Routine Well Pump Problems

5 April 2016
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Your home's well pump is an essential device for providing the house with running water. Unfortunately, these pumps can encounter a variety of problems and issues that can compromise their performance or lead to damage to your yard. While many of these issues will start as relatively minor problems, they can gradually worsen, which makes it important to be aware of the warning signs of common problems. For homeowners with limited experience with well pumps, it is important to have a thorough understanding about the causes for a couple of the more common problems that might be experienced.

Noises and Vibrations

While your pump will always produce some sounds, there are may come a time when you notice that the pump is substantially louder than normal. Often, this can be related to the pump's motor needing to be serviced. Over time, it is possible for the motor to come out of alignment or suffer damage from wear and tear. For example, it can be possible for the drive belt to become warped, which may drastically reduce the power of the motor. Additionally, this problem can be caused by cavitation, which occurs when small air bubbles form in the water being pumped. These air bubbles can be extremely disruptive to the flow of water, which causes the pump to make these noises. Avoiding this type of damage will require you to have your pump professionally serviced on a yearly basis to ensure that these problems are discovered before they cause major disruptions or permanent damages to your pump.

Water Around The Pump's Base

Another common issue can be the presence of large pools of water around the base of the pump. These pools can be caused by a leak in the pump, and while this may not seem like a major issue, it can cause substantial damages to your system. This occurs because the water can erode the soil around the pump, which may make it unstable. Additionally, the leak can cause corrosion to start forming on the pump, and this can eventually lead to holes forming in the pump's exterior. Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to locate a leak without disassembling the entire pump. As a result, this is a repair that you should always leave to a professional technician.

Pumps are essential components of modern wells, but it is an unfortunate fact that there are many homeowners that do not have a thorough understanding about the causes for some routine issues. Knowing the possible causes for noises and vibrations as well as puddles of water around the pump will help you to appreciate the importance of having these problems repaired as soon as possible. Contact a business that handles pumping system repair if you need help.