Keeping Coffee Business Booming Through The Summer With Iced Coffee Recipes

8 April 2016
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There are always going to be those coffee shop customers that could easily enjoy a hot cup of joe even when the temperatures outside are rising. However,  there are also those coffee drinkers that only enjoy hot beverages when the weather is just right. As the owner of a coffee shop, finding away to keep those cold-weather coffee drinkers coming to see you even in the summer is a crucial component of steady sales throughout the year. There are a few iced coffee recipes that are bound to keep your menu interesting for everyone even in the heat of summer.

Iced Coconut Cafe Licuado

Rich and creamy, cool and satisfying, Coconut Cafe Licuado is the perfect summertime drink to add to your coffee shop menu. This iced coffee treat is a blend of rich roasted coffee and coconut milk, which gives the iced coffee just a hint of tropical flavor. While this drink could just as easily be a cold-weather treat served hot, over ice it ice or just chilled, it is incredibly refreshing. For an added touch of sweetness, this coffee treat can be blended with sweetened condensed milk or even a flavored creamer, such as french vanilla or sweet cream.

Cinnamon Spiced Ice Coffee

Even though a lot of people often consider the cinnamon flavor to be more relative to cold weather or autumn, it is actually very tasty when blended with an iced coffee drink. Cinnamon Spice Iced Coffee is simple to pull together: just blend your basic fresh roasted coffee with sweetened condensed milk or heavy cream and a dash of cinnamon. Pour the result over ice or even blend the mixture with ice for a slurry of icy-cinnamon goodness, and then top the mixture with a dollop of whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

Honey Mint Iced Coffee

For a lightweight coffee drink that is low on calories and purely refreshing in the heat of summer, conjure up your own version of Honey Mint Iced Coffee for your coffee shop menu. This is a lightweight drink, with just a hint of roasted coffee infused with the summertime tastes of honey and mint. The basics of this recipe are a blonde roasted coffee (which contains a higher water content and a less bold flavor) and just a drop or two of honey along with a sprig of mint. Pour this over ice and serve in the summer months to customers on the lookout for a refreshing iced coffee treat.

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