3 Tips For Getting Bigger Tips As A Chinese Restaurant Delivery Driver

12 April 2016
 Categories: Food & Cooking, Blog


If you're a delivery driver for a Chinese restaurant like Lilac Blossom Restaurant, a significant amount of your income comes from tips. According to About Money, food delivery drivers should receive a 10 to 15 percent tip for orders over $20 (with a minimum tip of $5 for these orders). Here are three tips to help you increase your tips, so you can get tips closer to 15 percent of the order price than 10 percent.

Greet Customers by Their Name

Most Chinese restaurants have regular customers. If you're frequently delivering food to the same person, find out what their name is -- and use it when you see them. Using regular customers' names will help you build relationships with them, and people are more willing to tip workers they know at least a little bit.

Bring Plenty of Extras

Many people use condiments on their Chinese food, and some customers will want lots of condiments. Bring plenty of soy sauce and duck sauce packets with you, and give customers as many as they want.

Additionally, you should also have plenty of chopsticks and napkins on hand in case customers want extras of those.

A disgruntled customer who didn't get as much soy sauce as they wanted likely won't leave a big tip. Giving customers all the extras they want will ensure they're pleased when tipping you.

Mark Credit Card Slips

Customers who pay by credit card will need to fill out the slip and sign it before you leave. Specifically, they'll need to write how much of a tip they want to give you, the total for the order and tip and their signature.

Marking each of these lines with and "x" will make it easy for customers to see what parts of the credit card slip they need to fill out. Sometimes, customers are distracted when receiving food deliveries. A simple mark next to each line is an easy way to ensure they don't miss any line -- including your tip amount.

For an additional touch, you can write "thank you" at the top of the receipt to give it a little personalization.

If you're looking for ways to increase the tips you receive when delivering for a Chinese restaurant, try implementing these suggestions. They won't make your deliveries take any longer, but they'll help ensure your customers are pleased with your service and fill out their credit card slips. In the end, you should have happier customers and larger gratuities.